A Parent’s IEP Guide


Feeling overwhelmed with all the information on the internet? This 24-page e-book is a concise guide to everything you need know about the IEP process.


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Learning about the IEP process can be very overwhelming. There is so much information out there that can leave you confused and intimidated. A Parent’s IEP Guide is a concise 24-page guide that gives you all the information you need for your first IEP meeting in simple terms. In A Parent’s IEP Guide, you learn about:

  • the components of an IEP
  • what to do before an IEP meeting
  • whether you should hire an advocate or attorney
  • what happens after an IEP meeting

Use this guide for your beginning steps in advocacy!

This eBook is a PDF digital download that you can read on your computer and other compatible devices. If you need software to view a pdf, you can download adobe acrobat reader for free.



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