The Journey of Special Education

The Journey of Special Education

Welcome to the world of special education! If you are reading this, you are most likely a parent or guardian of a special needs child (or children) and you are trying to obtain more information about what you need to do to be successful in the special education process. Unfortunately, for many special needs parents this is not always an easy task for many reasons. But, the hardships and frustrations should not stop you from doing your research and learning whatever you can to help your child.

In this book, you will read previously written blog posts from that have been compiled into six different sections. These blog posts contain important information for the new or veteran special needs parent to help you get over the annoyances, anger or overwhelming feelings that you may be experiencing. I encourage you to take time and really focus on the posts provided and add what you have learned to your memory. After all, this is one of the ways of how you become the best possible advocate for your child.

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